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Our Crew

We started this tour with the goal of providing an alternative to the big bus '10 second photo stop' tours.  Our goal is to provide you with a more authentic and personalized experience at an affordable price.  


Our team hails from Chile, The U.S., Italy, Switzerland and England.  Our guides live and work in Chile and are very knowledgeable about the region.  


Don Carlos and Señora Juani are the owners of Quincho Aquelarre in Pangal.  They raise sheep, chickens, a couple of horses and alpacas.  They also raise organic vegetables, flowers and herbs in their greenhouses.  The lamb and salads come from their farm.  


Mario, Teresa and Morin are from neighboring Aysen.  They have been dancing Cueca (the national dance of Chile) competively for years.  They also dance folk dances of Argentina to give you a sense of how Patagonia reflects both Chilean and Argentine culture.  



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